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Marc and Ed's bodies are stolen by alien robots who want to be organic, and their brains sold to a mad scientist hell bent on obtaining her own body parts to look attractive enough again for porn. However something goes right and Marc and Ed are left running amok through the galaxy as one of the strangest super hero teams to ever grace the pages of comic book history.

Marc and Ed continue their voyage through space as they try to hunt down the robots that stole their bodies. One problem- they have no idea how to fly a ship or where to start looking. They'll need some help but help comes from a strange character from the past. Will they be saved from this nightmare or will this "help" be as weird as everything else they encountered?

This issue Marc and Ed confront the thieves that took their bodies but are horrified to see what has become of them. They quickly learn the galaxy has it's own rules and destiny cannot be altered in this insane comic, Captain Mushface.

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