Halcon 2010 Report

Hal-con was awesome! Super thanks to everyone that stopped by and said "hi!" And a super shout out to all the volunteers at the event that worked their butts off to make sure everyone was happy! You guys rock! I had a blast talking to everyone and I hope to be back next year to go through it all again. Here's a few pictures from the event:

Me and SPIDER-MAN!!!

The Where Monsters Dwell people with Ryan Insomnia and myself. We're all sexy...

Andrew Power in a pose that'll make any woman melt and Ben.... eating a cookie.

Captain Mushface being sketched by Darwyn Cooke!

Jono holding up a mighty sketch of Superman by me

A sketch I did for Jason from Strange Adventures, Fredericton!

A PlayStation I sketched on that will be on display at The Last Gamestore!

Sailor Jupiter holding up a sketch of one of her original characters and Sailor Venus holding up a sketch of Sailor Venus by me!!

The Practitioner will steal your mind and control your thoughts! BEWARE! (check back for a youtube video)

A happy person? with a Venom sketch by me!

And now for the super shout-outs to awesome people that I don't have pictures of!
  • Heidi Graves and Jay Paulin from Ink'd Well Comics! Thanks for the comics! You guys rock!
  • Super artist Sandy Carruthers for the great company. He needs a website! His artwork was beautiful!
  • Bleeding Teddy Designs for being great! 
  • The guys from Moncton's very own The Comic Hunter! You guys were really supportive and a great help! Thank you very much.
  • Cal from Strange Adventures! His booth was awesome to visit and having a light-saber fight was epic!
  • April M! Thanks for stopping by
  • Giacomo Bruno from Snap Halifax! Thanks for the kind words, and I hope you enjoyed the event. It was great meeting you!
  • Rich Morris and gang! You guys were great!
  • Anthony Robicheau and his awesome tattoos! 
  • Patrick from Quantum Frontier. You guys were buuuuusy!
  • Clemon from the comicdish forums! Thanks for stopping by!

If you want to see all the pics from this years Hal-con add me on Facebook! Cheers everybody!

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