June 18 2011 NEWS

First off I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates to the comics this month, however I have some fun news for my followers/readers. Right now I'm working on a comic to pitch at publishers! It doesn't have a name picked out yet but right as of now there's about 5 pages that need colored/lettered and some sweet sketches/concept art. I thought I'd show off some stuff here:

He seems like a good guy... right?

Panel from page 1

Sheriff Remy

Ryan and Kate
Small details about the book: It's going to be a one shot, roughly 32 pages in length. It's a homage to all those wonderful horror movies from the 80's that really screwed me up into the person I am today. It's going to be funny and gory.... very gory.

I'll post more stuff on it soon! And new Captain Mushface pages coming very soon!

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