Tromatic Slaughter Lake news!

When I started making my own comics I wanted to tell a bunch of wacky fun stories that appealed to my own tastes in movies, other comics, music.... you know... media! When I found out that most of my favorite things are creator owned properties it truly inspired me to move ahead with my very own projects.

One of my inspirations are the fine films from Troma Entertainment! Films like Terror Firmer, The Toxic Avenger, and Poultrygeist really showed me it was okay to have an idea, even if it didn't fit into a popular media mold, and still have something really fun and great!

Troma taught me that having a voice/creating independent art is extremely important, not only to you, the audience, but me. It's important to my own little slice of happiness, my self worth, and my dirty socks.

I'm not so sure this is very well written as I'm all giddy, but I'm giddy for a reason. Lloyd Kaufman, the man behind Troma has written a forward for Slaughter Lake! Check it out here:

And while you're at it GO WATCH SOME TROMA MOVIES!!!

Lloyd Kaufman

(Sometime soon I want to sit and write something good about the importance of independent media, but now... sleeeeeep.)

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