A while ago I had a comic called Wrath of Borin. I was pretty green at making comics and wanted to tell something epic but it got a bit carried away, I kept changing the plot and it just got weird and weirder. Well I ended up cancelling Wrath of Borin swearing I would go back to it someday. 

Around the same time I took Wrath of Borin offline I started to plot/write a horror story about Halifax called ‘Gone to Hell.’ Gone to Hell was kind-of a weird story but I was never happy with it. I did a teaser for it but it just never went anywhere.

Well I’ve taken the two concepts and started writing something very coherent and fun again. I took all the things Wrath of Borin was supposed to be and mixed it in with some of the plot details of Gone to Hell, making something I’m very proud of. 

I’ve learned a lot from my failures and now I’m making something kick-ass. I’m finally getting good at telling fun stories so I want to turn your attention to Gone to Hell!
Keep checking back, cause it’s gonna rock your grandma’s socks… or something to the same effect on your brain.

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