If you've been coming here lately you've probably been all "when's this lazy asshole going to update again?!" Well fear not you sexy beast! I've only moved to a fancy new website and will be updating there from now on. You keep being your sexy self and go to my new site:

That site again is:

Mushface Comics will be at Halcon 2013

That's right! Mushface Comics will have a table at Halcon 2013! Drop by, buy some stuff and say 'hi!'

Check out Hal-con's website for more info here:

New Mushface Comics site

Mushface Comics has a brand new site delivering a new way to read digital books!

Now you can now take your favorite Mushface Comic and embed it on your own site! Not only that, you can download the finished comics as a .cbz file for FREE!!!

Check out the site now at

Captain Mushface by Tony!

Sometimes when I'm sitting here by myself, spitting in the air and catching it in my mouth over and over, I get a little blip on my facebook. This blip made my eyes bulge and mouth smile a smile of smiles!

It's Captain Mushface by the very talented Tony Mitchell!! After letting your eyes sip up some of this sweet eye gravy, head on over and treat your eyes to every flavor of visual ice-cream at Tony's website here:

Thanks Tony!!! You Rock!!!