Feb 01 2012


I went through and fixed up a couple things in Slaughter Lake. Here's a list of those wonderful little changes in list form because I know you guys and your love of lists. Especially bullet-ed ones!

  • Added a Credits/Thanks Page
  • Fixed small dialogue thing on page 16 
  • Page 18 I added the full Iron Maiden name
  • Page 21 killed a joke that didn't work
  • Page 24- changed "morse" code to "dumb" code... made more sense
  • page 25- fixed a run on sentence that didn't make any sense. Now it's funnier!
  • Page 27- added more blood and gore
  • Page 33- added a fancy lightning bolt in the middle of bigger bolt. Looks prettier
There you have it! Pretty soon the cover will be a bit different (tag line) and it will almost be ready for print.

I have some exciting things to announce soon so stay tuned!

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